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DigiVox Insights

What can we learn from DigiVox about digital transformation in Switzerland? The following key insights are derived from the answers of the almost 8’000 participants who took part in our first nationally representative survey in 2022.

  1. WhatsApp, Facebook or Instagram are still used much more often than X (formerly known as Twitter), TikTok or Snapchat. Twitter usage is generally quite low, TikTok and Snapchat are popular for those under 30, but barely used by anyone older.
  2. Risks and opportunities from digitalization are seen as balanced or with opportunities outweighing the risks. This is largely the same across age groups and political leanings with a somewhat more pessimistic outlook of conservative voters.
  3. Most perceive digital media and new technologies as making people more informed about current events. But people also think they pose a potential danger by making it easier to manipulate people with false information and rumors.
  4. Access to mobile phones, the internet, and social media is thought to have made people more exposed to a range of political views. But a large majority also thinks that they have increased the influence of those with extreme views.
  5. The majority welcome digital services by the administration (online registration, tax, ID cards etc.). This perception is quite similar across political leanings and age groups with only somewhat lower acceptance for those 70 and over.
  6. More than 60% would welcome e-voting services. This has broad support across age groups and political leanings, with still more than 50% support of more conservative voters.

If you shared your opinions with us, thank you again for participating and for your valuable contribution to the project! The next survey wave will launch in the fall of 2024.

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